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My name is Irina and I am studying Arts and Media. From my personal experiences and studies I have established a great passion for the use of color in design. I believe the world is full of colors and it would be a shame not to see them being used within our everyday lives.  On that note I have created the following blog on the topic of the use of colors within interior design. I hope my work can also inspire you to see colors in another light!


Home re-Design Kaleidoscope

Interior Decorating and Paint Colors, Trends for 2011


Each year the trends of interior design change and one distinctive factor of this is the colour selection. The change in colour use over time has revolutionized how our society interacts with its surroundings and in this article by Home re-Design Kaleidoscope, an insightful look at the current 2011 trends are displayed. The piece quotes ‘color trends in 2011 can be affected by current and future social and economic factors, but for sure stylish wallpaper patterns, paint colors and interior decorating accessories for modern rooms will become more intimate and decorative details more impressive.’

Dark chocolate truffles and purple gift box

A constructive look at the colour trends reveals that ‘Subtle color tones and soft interior paint colors, like citrus yellow, light green, blue or pink-lilac, will be popular for large surfaces of rooms walls in 2011. From this statement the page constantly presents the colour scheme within its outline and pictures. In particular, I love the connection between the use of the image ‘Dark chocolate truffles and purple gift box’ and the talk about interior design colour schemes. Many of the images used within this literature are really influential and instructive to say the least.


Above all, the trendy boxed layout of the menus is a final touch on this well laid out article and gives the impression this was made by someone who is passionate about their writing as well the appearance of how it is presented.

Interior Color Schemes

Interior Color Schemes For Your Home


Coloured interiors play a major role within residential design but it plays an even bigger part in commercial design. In our current society we live and work in external spaces a lot more than home so it’s very important that the correct interior design methods are carried through into this. I want to focus on the article ‘Interior Color Schemes For Your Home’ but more predominately the section of ‘Colors for Schools & Hospitals’. As the article says ‘Interior color schemes for institutional and health facilities like schools and hospitals are chosen with quite a different approach from residential spaces.’

Colour Swatch

The differences are explained within the text but it also goes into detail of how each commercial industry uses interior design effects. Most interior designers aspire to do commercial spaces and I believe this article aims towards this audience. It is one thing to be able to change the mood and ambience of our homes, but another to influence the school environment and our children. As mentioned,  ‘psychological research has introduced the idea of colors as effective elements that induce brain activities, thus school building exteriors and interiors have been modified accordingly’. Therefore, this role is described as one that is an immense task and this article conveys this message even further into other relative commercial industries, such as hotels, restaurants and offices.


Interior Decorating Color Scheme Ideas


Finding inspiration within interior design can be sourced from many avenues and this can be the perplexing part for most. But the usual effect is being able to place together many elements and turn that into a piece of work. Renate Hering-Shepherd has been able to put such techniques into the revealing article Interior Decorating Color Scheme Ideas on her site http://www.dreamhomedecorating.com.

I believe most readers will appreciate that Renate has been able to give such a personal yet professional opinion on the methods used to finding inspiration, but more important is the quality of her presentation of this. The instructive nature of the piece gives inspiration in itself for the reader to be able to begin using the theories mentioned.

Beach Pebbles

Beach Pebble Colour Scheme





The most astounding facet Renate has explained in the literature is the ability to be able to look at such standard objects and gather so much as a colour scheme. As she quotes ‘The more you pay attention to colors, the more they will “reveal” to you how they work. You’ll end up with more color decorating ideas than you could ever use in your home!’ One enlightening example of her practice is shown below:  


Purple In Interior Design: The good, the bad, the opportunity.


Colorful foyer in purple showcases abstract prints

Success with colour choice can be hard but to just focus on one particular colour is a bold choice. The article ‘Purple In Interior Design: The good, the bad, the opportunity’ by Lloyd Princeton takes this initiative. The unique views of this mystique colour are ones to be esteemed by the reader even if it’s not in your own particular preference.
The most revelatory aspect of this article is the multiple views of purple and how to bring it into your own spaces as quoted ‘Whether light, dark, funky, fruity or fully mature, purple empowers you to set a definite mood in your space.’ There is an insightful link from this quote to the main image of the article ‘Colorful foyer in purple showcases abstract prints’.

Lloyd Princeton expresses the pros & cons but also gives advice on how to find a designer that will suit your needs and taste in creating an interior ‘If you love purple, we’re here to match you with a designer to capture the aspect you love best, so you can enjoy your space for years to come.’. The opportunity to take a progressive step in creating your own room from this site is a strong claim that this designer’s website makes and is an instructive technique for the reader.


aleja2306 (Profile)


Facebook for ‘color lovers’, what a world we live in. This enlightening blog site offers users to make their own page with all their color preferences incorporated. The ability to be able to share your ‘life’s work’ to say for instance is a strong bond between users and the rest of the relative industry.  I have particularly focused on one distinctive profile named ‘aleja2306’ as it presents an influential and intuitive example into this users color life.

Colorlovers is quite literally offering the same format and layout as a facebook does but just with the colored terms of interior design. These title’s that are covered include ‘biography’, ‘my new pallets’, ‘my new patterns’, ‘my new colors’ and then ‘comments’ from other users. From all of this, imagine the potential that interior designers or anyone interested in this industry has, to be able to source ideas and broaden further life into the Colorlovers blog. The difference this particular blog offers is a major revolution the industry and I feel is very successful in getting the artistic mind motivated.

My New Pallets Example

Design Festival

The Psychology of Colour


The article ‘Psychology of Color’ by Jason Beaired in Design Festival provides information on the psychology of colour choice and the associations with each colour. This is not only an interesting piece of work for me but also for any reader looking into this field. It supplies strapping information, which is presented in a straightforward and casual matter. It summarises what psychology means in colour design and goes into depth of the associations within the many colours.

The implementation of explaining each colour with a fresh and clear image expresses an easy understanding and eye-catching read. With having the pictures, there are also summarized facts for each colour which would come in handy for any interior designers or just general knowledge. The information related to each colour conveys not only bare facts but also short examples with persuasive views.

For instance, the image of oranges that is shown below gives the perception that orange is a vibrant and succulent colour to be used.



Sensational Color

Color Your World with Feng Shui


Feng Shui ‘fundamental goal is first to achieve balance in one’s environment, then in one’s life.’ The direct link of the message and aims between Feng Shui and color design is an obvious account, and this is painted in the article Color Your World with Feng Shui by Denise Turner.

Within this article the background and history of color is distinctively linked with Feng Shui, through the revelatory images and notable layout of information. The article quotes Selecting the correct color is just as important visually as it is energetically’ and goes onto to proving that within the Feng Shui designOur body is surrounded by a field of electromagnetic energy called the “Aura”, which draws in and emits color energy.’ I was inspired by the strong but insightful link that Denise makes between these two fond subjects and have found it unique that they have been bought together for comparison. The key facet of this piece of text is the exploratory choice of topic, but more importantly the way key points are presented and explained.